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Coaching is about supporting people to be at their best in living, learning, and working through a process of exploration. It is specific and goal-oriented, focusing on the positive aspects of the human condition (people are viewed as creative, resourceful, and whole). There is no advice giving, it is holistic, non-medical, co-active, non-directive and client centred.

It is not therapy, although we might look at the past to see what is holding the person back. It is a dynamic process working in the here and now and can offer the individual a practical route to:

− Develop a deeper meaning in life.

− Enhance the effectiveness of communication and behaviour.

− Improve the quality of relationships.

− Navigate life transitions.

− Deal with challenges both personal and professional.

− Change career to one more aligned with the individual's values and strengths.

Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Psychotherapeutic Counselling is a talking therapy, intended to help people bring about change and enhance wellbeing. It involves regular (usually weekly) sessions of 50 minutes and can be used to help people with a range of emotional and psychological problems of varying degrees of severity. These include depression, anger, anxiety, stress, negative thoughts, and low self-esteem. Practitioners are bound by an ethical framework and all work is confidential. The duration of therapy may be left open-ended or there may be a defined time limit. Both duration and goals are agreed at the outset as part of the contracting process between therapist and client.

Supervision for coaches and consultants

Supervision can be seen as a mutual meaning making and co-creative activity where a coach brings experiences from their work and includes:

− Developing the coach's competence and capability.

− Encouraging professional practice related to quality, standards and ethics.

− Offering fresh perspective.

− Insights into the relationship between the coach and the client which might be inhibiting or enhancing the effectiveness of the coaching.

− A safe space and non-judgmental approach, which allows difficult issues to be explored.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is the profession that looks at a person's life in its entirety, promotes health and well being through occupation and focuses on enabling people to take part in their activities despite illness, disability, mental health or emotional difficulties. After illness or injury it can be difficult to participate in every day roles, and maintain structure and routine, especially if your mind and body are affected. We treat the person, not the diagnosis, discover what is important to you, what you're having difficulty with and support you to live life to the full.

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